der Schnee, the snow, το χιόνι, 雪の中

Mona Dee photography  snow a

Alone on the road, fighting the forces of nature.

Mona Dee photography  snow b

No taxi in sight.

Mona Dee photography  snow c

She has to take the long way home by feet.

Mona Dee photography  snow d

I love snow, especially through a window, while I´m under a blanket , drinking a hot chocolate.


6 thoughts on “der Schnee, the snow, το χιόνι, 雪の中

  1. Awesome shots and great verses to match. Soon spring will arrive bidding farewell to snow and hello to blooms! 😉 Until then, stay warm and enjoy the hot chocolate!

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    • I´m really waiting for spring, with its light and colours, but I´m afraid it will take some more time. I´m patient… we have to enjoy the good sides of life, sometimes they are a bit hard to find, but they are always there!

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      • I understand. I love the spring and how it burst into life and promise but as of now, I too wait. Snow blankets the ground and trees stand bare for now. But soon. In the meantime, there is beauty still. 🙂

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