my name is Mona, I´m living in the North of Germany. As a hobby photographer I relish taking photos and giving them  quotes or express my feelings.

I started to take photos as a teenager. My father was a good example. He took mostly family photos with his Nikons, that I still have but don´t use. I can Canon, no Nikon ;-).

Beside the well known photographers like Cartier-Bresson and Meyerowitz I´m influenced by my photography teacher Heidi Krautwald, Kiel, see link:


and by the photos and constant help of photographer Vassilis D. Gonis, Athens. You can watch his work at wordpress and flickr, see links:




I would love to read a comment. You can write in German, English, French (my school French is a bit rosted), Spanish (rosted, too, but I will learn by reading and answering)… and if you use simple words 😉 Greek is possible, too! But don´t expect a full Greek sentence as answer, I´m such a beginner!

That is all for now – Enjoy my photos !




12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mona,

    Your photos are so beautiful, I love them so much! I believe you have a photo of a wolf howling in the mist which I think is breathtaking. I would love to use it as the single cover for a music single i am releasing with an Austrian friend of mine. Please email me at mrsimoncarter@gmail.com to talk further.

    Simon Carter


  2. Hi Mona,

    I adore your photos! Thankyou for sharing with us. I would like to use one of your photos for the cover art of a music single. If this is something you would be ok with, please email me at mrsimoncarter@gmail.com so we can talk further.

    Thank you!


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